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Your Parents Deserve Unsurpassed Assisted Living.

The aging process is a natural one, but when it comes to planning care for aging parents, the decisions involved can take an emotional toll. Knowing that caring professionals are on your side can make all the difference. Unwavering and professional support is exactly what you’ll find when you choose assisted living for your parents at Rhoda Goldman Plaza.

Elevating the Quality of Life for Aging Parents.

Planning care for aging parents in San Francisco can feel overwhelming at first. At Rhoda Goldman Plaza, we eliminate the stress by making resident life a top priority at all times. People who come to us for help with assisted living planning for aging parents find that our establishment can elevate their parent’s quality of life overall. Not only do we provide the assistance that our residents require to be safe and secure, but we also promote independent living standards for as long as possible.

We recognize that planning assisted living for your parents takes trust for all parties involved. At Rhoda Goldman Plaza, our residents enjoy socialization, safety, and amenities that promote health, happiness, and wellbeing. Similarly, family members enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their aging parents are in good hands.

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Support When It Matters Most.

Assisted living planning for aging parents requires a multifaceted commitment to keeping their quality of life elevated at every turn. And that’s exactly what we do. Our professional staff is readily available to help residents with daily tasks, such as light cleaning, chores, cooking, and adhering to dietary restrictions as needed. Not having to worry about the basics can free up time for focusing on more fun and engaging activities that residents deserve to enjoy during this season of life.

Our approach to assisted living for your parents integrates ample options for connecting at social events, which helps residents to truly feel like they are part of a larger community. We prioritize recreational opportunities that are social, while also placing a firm focus on continued health. When you’re planning assisted living for your parents, it’s important to look for a place that balances physical, educational, and cultural programs. At Rhoda Goldman Plaza, we’re proud to regularly provide engaging lectures and programs that promote a culture of lifelong learning options.

When it comes to health and safety, our superior standards give residents and their families the peace of mind they deserve. Our team diligently helps residents to manage their medication. We adhere to strict guidelines to promote a safe living environment, too. There’s no need to worry about transportation when you choose Rhoda Goldman Plaza. We provide the flexible transportation that residents require alongside on-hand healthcare services to make sure that every detail and safety standard is accounted for.

Dignity, Respect, And Love For Your Parents.

The decision to place a parent under the care of assisted living is a monumental and emotional one. Adult children face the struggle of choosing the right caregivers and preparing their families for a major change in their parents’ lives. Rhoda Goldman Plaza makes the decision to provide assisted living for your parents easier with our family-first approach. At our San Francisco retirement residence, we supply care for older citizens from all backgrounds. We welcome new community members of all genders, colors, religious faiths, and upbringings.

With our constant slate of engaging activities and social opportunities, Rhoda Goldman Plaza is a place where seniors enrich and enliven their lives, with quality amenities and fulfilling interactions with others. Every adult child making life-changing family choices deserves assurance their parents get the best care and attention possible, and Rhoda Goldman Plaza works to ensure they do.

Advantages of assisted living planning for aging parents.

Moving a parent into assisted living is always an agonizing decision. Rhoda Goldman Plaza understands the gravity of that choice, which is why our professional staff goes out of their way to ensure assisted living for your parents offers these invaluable benefits:

On-site caregiving and help. Rhoda Goldman Plaza staff is nearby whenever your parent has a special need or experiences a health emergency.

Wider social circle. The diversity and spirit of the Rhoda Goldman Plaza community offers residents more of a chance for improved social interaction and friendship.

Intellectual and physical stimulation. With activities that engage the mind and take care of the body, Rhoda Goldman Plaza residents are enabled to get the most from their later years.

24-hour support. Your parent will never be alone or forgotten at Rhoda Goldman Plaza. Our staff, caregivers, and faculty are always around or on call.

No more daily chores. Rhoda Goldman Plaza staffers take care of household maintenance, cleaning, home management, and duties so our residents can enjoy a more stress-free life.

More quality time with you. Having your senior loved one looked after by Rhoda Goldman Plaza means you don’t have to shoulder the burden yourself — meaning you can spend more time talking with your parents instead of taking care of them.

Peace of mind. At Rhoda Goldman Plaza, you’ll know your parent is receiving the most comprehensive and compassionate care in San Francisco, in an enjoyable, all-welcoming, and supportive environment.

Better Planning,Smarter Decisions For Mom and Dad.

Truth be told, you are not alone. The ever-increasing aging population require families just like yours to face the very same issues and challenges.To help you and your family make the right decisions about assisted care, get the answers to these questions:

What type of assistance does your parent need? Many Rhoda Goldman Plaza residents simply benefit from guided and assisted care. Other patients require help with certain age-related conditions, such as memory care or physical therapy. Understand the scope of needs your parent might have from an assisted care program.

What kinds of amenities, features, and services does the program provide? Seniors gain great benefits from keeping their mind and body stimulated, so a quality assisted care residence will have activities and cultural opportunities on their schedule. It’s also good to get a baseline idea of the services and everyday functions the center offers its residents.

What are the costs?
Determine how much an assisted living community will cost and what you or your parents can reasonably afford. Fees are usually updated annually to account for increases in operational costs.

Does your parent need more focused assisted living advice? If your parent has special needs in their later years, it’s important to know that their community has dedicated personnel who can help with their unique requirements.

How much room will your parent need? Rhoda Goldman Plaza has studios, alcoves, and 1- or 2-bedroom apartments, sized to maximize your parent’s lifestyle comfortably and supportively. Consider how much room your parent will need.

Signs it may be time to start assisted living planning for aging parents.

Every senior is different. Knowing when it’s time to move them from total independence into a more managed situation can be difficult to determine among groups with diverse personalities and habits. Rhoda Goldman Plaza recommends adult children look out for these behavioral signals that it may be time to start planning care for aged parents.

Difficulty with daily tasks. Note if your parent is having a tough time preparing meals, self-grooming, or other everyday functions.

Needing reminders to take medication. Especially for seniors, keeping up with necessary prescriptions is crucial. If they’re having trouble remembering to take their daily dosage, they may need the guidance assisted living provides.

Noticeable weight change. Heavy weight loss, gains, or fluctuations over a certain time may indicate the need for professional caregiving.

Mobility loss. Parents who have problems with moving around or falling may benefit from the secure mobility of assisted living.

Neglecting household maintenance. When parents can no longer perform household chores, or their home becomes dirtier, less organized, or hard to move around in, assisted living may be a possibility.

Increased isolation. Withdrawing from social life or family communications may show a need to increase interactivity in a structured setting.

Loss of interest. When they become indifferent about hobbies, interests, or activities they used to enjoy, planning assisted living for your parents may be your next step.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza for Assisted Living and Memory Care Needs.

The aging process is a natural one, but when it comes to planning care for aging parents, the decisions involved can take an emotional toll. Knowing that caring professionals are on your side can make all the difference. Unwavering and professional support is exactly what you’ll find when you choose assisted living for your parents at Rhoda Goldman Plaza.

Yes, aging comes with a new set of challenges to conquer, but at Rhoda Goldman Plaza, we believe that this season of life is also full of potential! Finding just the right assisted living and memory care community to keep your aging parents safe and thriving is a big decision. It’s one that our team takes seriously. Families and residents that partner with us will find that a vibrant and independent lifestyle isn’t out of reach when it’s paired with caring attention to impeccable safety standards. That balance is exactly what we provide for every resident that calls our community home.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza is a place where residents can feel safe and cared for, but also a place where they can enjoy options for new adventures. We’re fully committed to providing the health care and mobility services residents require, while also offering cultural and educational programs that keep everyone learning. Our on-site activities and planned excursions are incredible options for residents to explore their community and city through a new lens. It’s also a chance to socialize with others who are in a similar season of life.

San Francisco is an amazing destination, and at Rhoda Goldman Plaza, we believe that our residents should always have access to the city’s best and brightest places! We’re proud to provide safe and reliable transportation to medical services throughout the city, as well as to inspiring destinations planned in the name of fun! Our dedication to creating customized health plans for all of our residents is just as important as our social calendar. An on-site fitness center is a great place for residents to set their own health standards or take advantage of our weekly clinics. We also perform regularly scheduled vital readings to make sure everyone is living their best and healthiest life at all times.

Inclusivity defines our character at Rhoda Goldman Plaza. The services we provide extend to residents of all backgrounds, cultures, and faiths. In our community, companionship and independent living go hand-in-hand. We consider it an honor to walk with our residents through this season. When it comes to a place that your loved ones can call home, there is no better place to turn than Rhoda Goldman Plaza.

We’re Here With You.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza is unique among San Francisco retirement communities. Located in the heart of desirable lower Pacific Heights, we provide aging adults with first-class amenities and personal care in an upscale but casual environment. Founded on non-profit principles and tenets of the Jewish faith, Rhoda Goldman Plaza gives senior residents expert patient care with access to stimulating, engaging activities.


Rhoda Goldman Plaza serves cuisine thoughtfully curated by chefs who are experts in crafting food that’s in step with San Francisco’s foodie reputation. Our dining areas are open for breakfast, lunch, dinner; our Bistro Cafe is perfect for snacks, coffee, pastries and grab n’ go selections. We accommodate many special food needs and restrictions, including kosher, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free diets. Our meal services provide regular opportunities so residents engage and interact with each other while enjoying local and international cuisine prepared to the highest standards.


Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s central lower Pacific Heights offers our residents a vast range of cultural experiences just outside our doors. Our proximity to Fillmore Street gives residents access to a variety of superior shopping, dining, cafe, and entertainment options.

Inside, our staff offers activities and services that complement and stimulate our residents, including:

● Fitness center

● Brain health programs

● Scheduled lectures, classes, and music playing


● Reading and book clubs


● Volunteer opportunities

Amenities and Services:

Care at Rhoda Goldman Plaza includes services and resources that promote our residents’ overall wellness in a secure, supportive environment:

● Regular housekeeping and cleaning

● 24-hour security with prompt emergency response

● Electricity, gas, water, trash removal, community Wi-Fi, and other utilities

● Transportation services

● Weekly wellness clinics

● Beauty salon services

● Massage, reflexology, and other light physical therapeutics

The vibrant Rhoda Goldman Plaza community and professional staff give you more flexibility and customizations when planning assisted living for your parents.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza is dedicated to the contentment and care of our residential community and their loved ones. Our motto, “Here you’re like family,” informs everything we do for your parents. Contact Rhoda Goldman Plaza to find out more.

We’re Always Earning Your Trust.

“It’s impossible to measure our appreciation for the staff’s caring efforts to keep my husband safe, nourished in mind and body, and safe even when his condition precludes his ability to understand those efforts.”

– P.Gordon

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