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Redefining Assisted
Living in San Francisco.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s purpose is to help older adults “Live Well With Assistance.” From the moment you walk in the door to our beautifully designed, light-filled lobby and experience our chef-prepared cuisine, cultural activities, and lifelong learning programs, you’ll feel the Rhoda Goldman difference. Living Well With Assistance means providing our residents with opportunities for personal growth, companionship, quality relaxation, and enjoyment.

We believe that meaningful self-discovery can occur at any age. Rhoda Goldman Plaza is designed so our residents learn and socialize more easily, and connect with a variety of people, ideas, and adventures. That mission makes us unique among all providers of San Francisco senior assisted living.

What Makes Our San Francisco Assisted Living Community Special?

Rhoda Goldman Plaza considers our guests to be more than just individual residents—we envision them all as part of a strong, bonded community. That approach directs our care and planning.

We emphasize honoring all our residents. We respect and value their rich and diverse backgrounds and emphasize sharing their unique experiences by concentrating on social activities and events.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza creates opportunities for cultural enhancement with a range of activities, events, lectures, and educational opportunities. Our warm and secure environment allows you to enjoy life and build relationships with great mobility and access. The value we place on our residents and our interest in their history help distinguish our San Francisco senior community.

What Makes Our San Francisco Senior Community Unique?

Rhoda Goldman Plaza is in the heart of San Francisco, home to one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. Few locations offer such breadth and depth in lifestyles, arts, and happenings. Your opportunities for a variety of experiences are as close as your apartment door.

Our community is based on the values of the Jewish faith. As such, we welcome everyone from all backgrounds and traditions without discrimination. The diversity of Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s residents is one of the core reasons our community is so strong.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza focuses on social interactions between our residents. Friendships take on significant importance at our residents’ stages of life. We take pride in giving you the chance to learn and grow from sharing experiences and making new connections.

The San Francisco Assisted Living Community That’s Like Family.

Our community is predicated upon the values of honor, respect, dignity, and service.  Every person in the Rhoda Goldman Plaza community is treated like family. We value each resident’s presence, honor their traditions, and appreciate the individual gifts their lives have to offer.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza welcomes residents from all faiths and backgrounds. We’re grateful for a community without prejudice or discrimination based on color, race, gender, or sexual orientation. Diversity is the backbone of our San Francisco assisted living community—sharing is its strength.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s family approach is a key factor in recognizing the significance of every person who lives here. Our amenities and activities make all residents feel right at home.

Assisted Living in San Francisco that Increases the Quality of Life for Older Adults.

Every phase of life has the potential to be a wonderful adventure. At Rhoda Goldman Plaza, our assisted living community in San Francisco is a place where potential takes centerstage for residents. We put a priority on service and assistance that allows for vibrant living standards at all times. Meaningful relationships, a focus on wellness, and opportunities to live life to the fullest lead the way to excellence at the Rhoda Goldman Plaza assisted living community.

There’s a tendency to assume that aging is equivalent to slowing down. At Rhoda Goldman Plaza, our assisted living community is a place where residents thrive in a setting that provides a path to continuing to live life to the fullest. The well-being, happiness, and livelihood of our residents is a top priority at all times. We find that those who choose to be a part of our San Francisco senior assisted living community enjoy an enhanced quality of life through access to the assistance they need to live life abundantly without hindrance to their independence.

At Rhoda Goldman Plaza, we’re proud to offer residents a San Francisco assisted living community option where social events and a comprehensive array of amenities create a space where happiness and comfort are always accessible. Our team of professionals puts an emphasis on safety and support at all times to give residents the level of comfort they need to thrive and families the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved ones are well-cared for.

A San Francisco Senior Community That Benefits Residents and Their Families

Every detail is put purposefully in place for residents who elect to make the assisted living community at Rhoda Goldman Plaza their home. We improve your quality of life in a way that provides help and peace of mind to loved ones, as well. Those who are a part of our San Francisco senior community enjoy support with daily tasks that might include anything from cooking meals and maintaining dietary needs to light cleaning as needed. Being a part of the assisted living program offers residents an opportunity to expand their social circle through meaningful community integration and options to make connections through participation in organized social events.

Finding assisted living in San Francisco doesn’t have to be a daunting task, especially for those prospective residents and their families who set their sights on Rhoda Goldman Plaza. Our community offers up a wide variety of recreational opportunities for residents to enjoy that expand their horizons and provide new adventures in an exciting new season of life. Our assisted living community also weaves educational and cultural programs into the resident experience. From engaging lectures to innovative programs that teach new skills, lifelong learning is promoted in a safe environment that allows for resident freedom, fun, and growth.

Families with loved ones in our assisted living community are put at ease knowing we work diligently to help residents manage their medications and provide a full list of on-hand healthcare services. Additionally, we take care of transportation needs which removes the stress of getting around for both residents and their families while creating a more flexible schedule as well.

Let’s See How We Can Help.

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    Café Faves.

    Rhoda Goldman Plaza is proudly known for our delicious food. With organic, farm-fresh ingredients, we offer simpler fare and we report to a higher standard—our kitchen does not mix meat and dairy products and we purchase kosher meat. This means a higher quality of food for everyone and peace of mind for those who keep kosher.

    For residents who desire a flexible schedule, we offer no set mealtimes in our all-day café. The Café gives our residents a unique choice for simple, healthy food on-the-go. The Café offers beverages, fresh coffee, snacks, pastries, desserts, breakfast, and lunch in a casual, relaxing environment.

    Superior Dining for Independently Minded Residents.

    Rhoda Goldman Plaza offers our residents an ever-changing variety of food options that’s second-to-none. Nutritious and appetizing meals and snacks are prepared by our professional chefs with fresh, local ingredients. Our dining service runs everyday between 7:30am to 6:30pm, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and between-meal snacks. Guests can enjoy their meals in communal areas or the privacy of their suites. We also offer a choice of beverages and locally produced wine and beer.

    Choose from a number of satisfying options on our kosher-style menu, served daily. Of course, for residents with special dietary preferences or requirements, our talented chefs have risen to the challenge. Our food offerings cater to those who like or need various kinds of diets, including Kosher, Vegetarian and Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Paleo, Low-fat, and Diabetic.

    We regard our food service as an opportunity to socialize over a satisfying and wholesome meal. Our food service staff even offers catering for residents hosting private events.

    Our chefs are always developing new dishes from different food traditions that give our guests the varied tastes they enjoy the most.

    When Living Well With Assistance May Be The Right Decision.

    Assisted living options are beneficial for many individuals and couples but knowing when it’s time to make the move can be more difficult. There are often signs worth noting over time that point to the fact it may be a good moment to transition out of a personal home and into a community offering assistance.

    Increased feelings of isolation and depression as well as noticeable changes in mood or behavior can indicate that it’s the right time to move into an assisted living community. For those struggling with these feelings, assisted living provides a comfortable and safe space to live where social interaction is built into daily living.

    Some residents that turn to assisted living communities do so in the name of easing monetary concerns. Others find it’s the right choice when they feel they have put increased stress on caregivers and family members. Assisted living in San Francisco is often a good choice for those who are experiencing struggles related to a worsening medical condition. In many cases, this scenario is linked to mobility issues that can be overwhelming to try to handle on your own.

    Others find assisted living to be the ideal solution when it gets difficult to keep personal homes and living spaces clean as chores become more difficult to carry out independently. When bills start to be forgotten or you begin to notice that you need help with personal hygiene such as showering or brushing teeth, assisted living is not only helpful, but a good choice for improving your quality of life.

    Choose Rhoda Goldman Plaza for Living Well With Assistance in San Francisco.

    We provide a warm, safe, and nurturing environment for people from all walks of life. Rhoda Goldman Plaza welcomes members of all faiths with the singular goal of giving them more freedom and opportunity to enjoy the richest stages of their lives.

    We provide a wide range of choices for self-education, growth, and cultural events. Our community has access to stimulating and elevating activities that are only available in a city with San Francisco’s natural vibrancy and possibilities.

    Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s living spaces are constructed to make a resident’s mobility easier. Our comprehensive and sensitive care is set up to address all our guests’ material and physical needs. We’re firmly devoted to giving our residents the security and freedom they need to relax and live an enjoyable life.

    We’re especially qualified to care for our community’s health. Rhoda Goldman Plaza offers several levels of health services and aid, tailored to the specific needs of every guest. We help our residents with customized wellness plans, regularly scheduled monitoring of vital signs, weekly clinics, and a fully-equipped fitness center.

    Caregiving, convenience, and comfort make up only a part of Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s purpose. Our larger goal is to build a vibrant, active, and engaged San Francisco senior community that offers companionship and independence to all its treasured individuals.

    “Living Well With Assistance.”

    Rhoda Goldman Plaza has invested its resources and time toward an assisted living program that’s as distinctive, caring, and unique as our residents. Contact us to learn more about San Francisco’s most welcoming and vital community for older adults.

    Questions & Levels of Care.

    If you have questions or want to learn more about the levels of care available, visit our FAQ page below.