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Connected Caregiving – The Future Is Now.

    Closeup photo of CarePredict Pendant System on the wrist

    Rhoda Goldman Plaza is happy to announce our new tech that connects: CarePredict is the simple, easy-to-use Pendant System you wear on your wrist. Our community and residents benefit from a more efficient communication when a resident needs it most!

    Wi-Fi Battery Powered, Two Way Communication
    We introduced our Pendant System in early April and the community response has been terrific! As well it should. CarePredict puts the benefits and advantages of two-way communication right in the hands of our residents and our caregivers. 

    Responsive Technology
    When the CarePredict pendant has been pressed the caregiver who responds will be able to speak with the resident before arriving — this advantage will also help prioritize calls as they come in. Even the importance of location tracking is part of the system’s technology. CarePredict is smart tech that also detects changes in residents’ walking patterns and alerts staff if a fall occurs. And, of course, the new pendant itself is findable – any “lost” pendant can easily be found, as long as it’s in the Rhoda Goldman building.  

    How It Works

    1. Residents wear the pendant on their dominant wrist and health care staff will be connected via cellphones. This is the core of the new communication system. 
    2. Health services staff can communicate with each other by text messages. For example, if a staff member cannot answer a call, they can text other staff to alert them that they’re unavailable.
    3. After the resident presses the button for three seconds a message appears: ”Your request of assistance has been submitted” and a health services staff will see the request on their phone.
    4. When the staff member takes the call, the resident hears a message that “someone is responding to your request in real time.” This feedback is a comforting improvement. 
    5. Resident will get the real-time assurance that staff received and will respond to their call.
    6. In case of emergency, the resident can speak directly with staff.

    Community Tech Adoption
    Since CarePredict functions much like our former Pendant System, no new learning processes will be required. Nicely, our Pendant System can announce the day and time with a one-second press on the button. Care and use is pretty basic: to ensure reliability it is water-resistant, however residents are advised to take off the CarePredict pendant when in the shower and place it on the provided hook nearby. As with all pendants, residents are encouraged to wear it at all times and batteries will be checked every day.

    Living Well With  Unsurpassed Assistance
    Our new CarePredict Pendant System is just one more reason why Rhoda Goldman Plaza is so well respected by medical professionals, admired by families, supported by our amazing staff and loved by our residents. See what makes our community absolutely unsurpassed on every level: ideal location, a stable staff and management, beautiful apartments, wonderfully designed common areas and the general feeling that indeed, “Here, you’re like family.”  We invite your personal tour and to connect with Candiece 415.345.5072 or email