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Our Services Enhance Your Lifestyle.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s commitment to “Living Well With Assistance” ensures we always keep our residents’ needs and comfort as our primary priority. It’s a guideline that dictates every level of the services we offer as San Francisco’s cleanest assisted living and memory care community. We make sure you have the opportunity to enjoy a rewarding, flexible lifestyle. To do that, we provide the benefits of professional care and the camaraderie and social vibrancy of a community of like-minded peers.


We’ll give you our best every day and make sure you receive the appropriate level of care and attention.

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Exceptional chef-prepared cuisine

Graphic image of a light bulb

Airy, light-filled lobby and apartments

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Tenured, courteous staff who know you personally

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Weekly housekeeping services

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Activities and events — ongoing and engaging cultural programs

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Proximity to Fillmore Street shopping, dining, cafés, and movie theaters

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Community built on Jewish values, welcoming residents of all faiths


Enjoy the benefits of professional care and the camaraderie of a community that makes you feel like family.

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Health services — your own customized wellness plan

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Weekly wellness clinic — health services staff monitor vital signs and answer health questions

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Fitness center — state-of-the-art exercise equipment

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Brain health — programs and events focusing on stimulation, fun, and education to enhance cognition

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Medical services (Kaiser, UCSF, and CPMC) in the neighborhood

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Transportation available 7 days a week for trips, shopping, medical appointments

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Seniors At Home, our partner in care, offers extra support through home care, palliative care, counseling, and more

A Clean And Kosher Assisted Living Community.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza organizes its services around principles of Jewish tradition. Observance of kashrut, Judaism’s dietary laws, guides every aspect of our food services.

We are proudly known for our delicious food at Rhoda Goldman Plaza with organic, farm-to-table ingredients. Our chefs subscribe to the highest standard: we do not mix meat and dairy in our kitchen and use only kosher meat in our local and international fare. This means higher quality food for everyone and peace of mind for those for whom kashrut is important.

Nutritious meals and snacks are always available at Rhoda Goldman Plaza. Whether our guests take meals in our restaurant, the café, or on the go, we serve fresh and satisfying food that everyone will enjoy.

Delicious Health-focused Meals and Snacks

Rhoda Goldman Plaza offers healthy options at all levels of our food service. Whether our residents have a meal at our full-service restaurant, or choose a quick snack from our Grab and Go Café, we know it will be fabulous.

Our chefs prepare food made from fresh ingredients that are locally sourced as much as possible. We also carry a selection of wine and beers from local makers and breweries and serve homemade pastries, desserts, Peet’s coffee, and more.

Everything we make is prepared with nutrition and health in mind but seasoned to perfection. Rhoda Goldman Plaza believes these measures are integral in making sure our guests maintain dietary health with great-tasting foods and beverages. Our food service personnel take extraordinary pride in the choices they offer, their creative approach, and the satisfaction of our residents.

Food For All Diets

Rhoda Goldman Plaza residents are a diverse community. Our chefs are experienced in making meals that reflect their different needs.

In addition to our kosher offerings, Rhoda Goldman Plaza can arrange for guests with more specific dietary needs or preferences, including:

  1. Vegetarian and Vegan
  2. Gluten-free
  3. Dairy-free
  4. Paleo
  5. Low-fat
  6. Diabetic

With our variety of great-tasting and nutritious food choices, Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s food service easily caters to the requirements and choices of all our residents and their guests.

Learning What The Rhoda Goldman Plaza Community Want

“Living Well With Assistance” means different things to different people. To that end, Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s staff always keeps a close ear to our residents to find out what they need from an upscale boutique assisted living community.

Our food preparation staff welcomes our guests’ input and suggestions of what they’d like to see in our rotating kosher menu. We value our guests’ knowledge and preferences about the kinds of food they most want to eat and go out of our way to take their recommendations into careful consideration.

As part of our family, Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s residents always come first.

San Francisco’s Top Boutique Assisted Living Community.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza believes each guest in our community belongs in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. We’re as committed to providing the same standards of upkeep as each guest would maintain in their own home. To that end, Rhoda Goldman Plaza conducts regular, thorough deep-cleaning of every residential apartment and common space in our building. Our professional staff keeps every surface area in prime condition and ensures our premises are free of germs, pollutants, irritants, and hazardous substances to maintain our guests’ health.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s commitment to a clean living experience extends beyond health and safety. We monitor every detail of our living space to keep it well-maintained for a sophisticated, polished, and elegant atmosphere. It’s one more reason why Rhoda Goldman Plaza is the cleanest assisted living and memory care community in the Bay Area.

We take immense pride in our residents’ private accommodations being part of the cleanest assisted living community in San Francisco. Our employees maintain each apartment with great care and awareness. Rhoda Goldman Plaza gives each resident a clean, safe, and secure personal space for living and entertaining. Rhoda Goldman Plaza works hard to maintain our exacting standards 24 hours a day.

Keeping A “Boutique” Feel

As a center for living, Rhoda Goldman Plaza aims to be a uniquely tailored place with amenities and services that reflect our careful attention to detail. We believe our sanitary, organized, and warm surroundings speak to the overall level of care we give in all aspects of our service.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza strives to give our accommodations a sense of easy luxury, where guests can interact and partake in activities with a sense of relaxation. We use a “boutique” approach in our care-taking and cleaning services, which helps us create a personal and cozy ambiance in a sophisticated and polished setting.

We believe a boutique assisted living community’s main goal involves more than meeting the basic and essential needs of our residents—it means providing a high-quality environment where they continue to enjoy life at a rich and meaningful level. Rhoda Goldman Plaza establishes a setting where every guest enjoys luxury living with ease and caring personal attention.

Our commitment to “Living Well With Assistance” helps us maintain an upscale assisted living community that’s one of the highest-rated and most respected in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Treating Our Guests Like Family

Personal connections are important to all the residents of Rhoda Goldman Plaza, and keeping them intact is a primary goal of our staff. Every resident in our community is part of our family. We go out of our way to ensure that our guests are as comfortable and cared for as we would with any other cherished family members.

Just as families benefit from the diverse qualities of each person, Rhoda Goldman Plaza endeavors to make residents from all walks of life and backgrounds feel like valued parts of a single community. An upscale memory care facility and assisted living center is only as valuable as they make their residents feel, and that’s why Rhoda Goldman Plaza extends the same level of attentive service and appreciation to every individual member of our community.

Our adherence to traditional Jewish values means we prepare a welcoming and special place for each guest that comes through our doors. Rhoda Goldman Plaza offers one-on-one attention at every point in our service: food preparation, medical needs, leisure and fitness activities, cultural events and gatherings, and more.

Being an upscale memory care facility requires more than offering world-class amenities and service. It means maintaining focus on each guest, offering them benefits and services that adapt to their customs and lifestyle. To accomplish that mission, Rhoda Goldman Plaza treats every guest as part of a vibrant, warm, and accepting family that comprises San Francisco’s top clean and kosher assisted living community.