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The Exceptional Staff at Rhoda Goldman Plaza: Delivering Unsurpassed Service and Care

    At Rhoda Goldman Plaza, our staff is the heartbeat of our community. As a non-profit we have consistently staffed such that we have more staff than residents. Our dedicated team members are not just employees, but the backbone of our promise to deliver unsurpassed services to our residents. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on a few individuals who exemplify our commitment to excellence and so intricately entwined in compassionate service, one doesn’t normally consider their contributions to the community:  – Paulo Malbas, Housekeeping Supervisor, Joseph Jordan and Paul Whitehouse, Drivers, and Samson Legasse, Director of Facilities.

    Photo of resident and Activity staff taking a selfie

    Paulo Malbas: Leading with Passion and Precision

    As the head of housekeeping, Paulo Malbas embodies the spirit of “can do”, meticulousness, and dedication.. With years of experience in the field, Paulo excels in providing and maintaining a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for our residents. His attention to detail is second to none, ensuring that every corner of the Plaza is spotless and inviting. But it’s not just his abilities and skills that set him apart. Paulo leads with empathy, treating each resident like family. His warm smile and caring nature make him a beloved figure among our community.

    Photo of our large van used for outings all over the Bay Area

    Joseph Jordan and Paul Whitehouse: Driving with Care and Compassion

    Our drivers, Joseph and Paul, provide far more than transportation to medical appointments, food shopping, and fabulous outings. They both take time to get to know our residents as individuals and have a deep understanding of their needs and idiosyncrasies thus ensuring safe, comfortable, and timely transportation. With gentleness and kindness,  the well-being of our residents is their highest priority. Their friendly demeanor, punctuality, and commitment to safety make them indispensable members of our team.

    Photo of Win cleaning a statue by Archie Held in the Scott St. garden

    Samson Legasse: Maintaining Excellence

    As the head of maintenance, Samson Legasse is tasked with the critical role of ensuring that all building and life safety systems in the Plaza run smoothly.Further, and most importantly, he ensures that all building systems are up to code and safety requirements. From kitchen, elevator, heating and cooling systems, to clean screens, windows and carpets, Samson’s deep expertise and proactive approach guarantee that our residents enjoy negligible interruption during these maintenance tasks. He is quick to respond to any issue, big or small, putting the comfort of our residents first. His dedication to his role and the well-being of our community is truly inspiring. In fact, we call him our “wizard!”

    At Rhoda Goldman Plaza, we are proud to have a tenured team that shares our commitment to providing exceptional service. Each staff member, from those mentioned here to every individual on our team, plays a crucial role in creating a warm, inviting, and caring environment for our residents. Their tenure, qualifications, and experience paired with their passion for their roles, make them our quiet heroes.

    Photo of staff packaging fresh challah for residents

    Our staff’s dedication to service, commitment to excellence, and genuine care for our residents are what makes Rhoda Goldman Plaza a remarkable place to call home. We look forward to continuing to serve our community with the same level of care and compassion that has become synonymous with our name. And residents here, feel like family. Discover what it’s like to be part of this community. Call Candiece for a personal tour at 415-345-5072.