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“The Shiny Penny Syndrome”: New – State of the Art!

    The Shiny Penny

    It’s natural and human to be attracted to new things, especially when the trumpets are blaring in the media about a new product, service or community. It is alluring—just think you get to be one of the “first users or residents!”

    We call this the “Shiny Penny Syndrome”.

    It dazzles us with promise and by the “look” of a product, service or community – however, buyer beware. Before jumping in, don’t forget to ask the hard and invisible questions that are going to determine the actual personal value and experience for you and your family over time. Remember, too, that any new product on the market is going to have some bugs to work out. Are you comfortable with being the “beta test?” (We have a litany of stories where prospective residents tell us all about their experiences, such as one in a newly-opened community and the expected fallout; i.e. not having the staff to take care of a parent so they were required to pay for 24/7 care.) Not as advertised . . .

    Rhoda Goldman Plaza is a mature community with a solid, time-proven team that makes our assisted living and memory care community so unique. Some consider our community a “boutique” or “intimate and cozy.” Apt descriptions that continue to underscore our profile, that by design, feels so much like family. From the moment you or your loved one arrive, you will  feel welcomed. Your apartment offers plenty of light and is designed for your comfort. You’ll will be amazed that our kosher food program was designed and directed by the same two core Managers who were hired at our opening in 2000. Known for our made-from-scratch menu, whether in the Bistro or Dining Room, our food program showcases our commitment to only the best. Residents are always pleasantly surprised with our take on the classics, and our newly re-imagined entrees, and tantalizing desserts (our chef once had a pastry business in San Francisco). We are big believers in “farm to fork” and continually source local, fresh ingredients.

    Consistency in management.

    An often-overlooked key feature. Rhoda Goldman Plaza is a mature community. Its staff, business structure, and programming have been tested over time into a reliable, trusted organization that delivers excellent care, if and when care is needed. The non-profit organization is financially and uniquely strong with solid revenue and accounting practices; this means we can offer smaller, if any, yearly monthly fee increases (last year we had a 0 % fee increase). Management understands that happy staff equates to happy residents, thus our extraordinary staff is loyal with unprecedented low staff turnover. About 10% of staff have been with Rhoda Goldman Plaza since day one, 21 years ago. Again, each and every pillar of good, solid community footing reflects our commitment to proven management practices.

    We don’t rest on our laurels – we reinvent.

    While we offer well-designed studio, alcove and one and-two bedroom apartments featuring a host of desired touches (wall-to-wall carpeting, ample closet space, generously sized bathrooms, and even patios in select apartments), we are always updating and refreshing apartments between residencies. And, of course, every apartment allows you to live even larger with a superb litany of services and amenities that include transportation, culture, arts, and our affiliation with the respected Fromm Institute for Life-Long Learning.  In Memory Care, we reimagined a part of the floor that is flooded with sunshine, into a solarium with plants and seating that has become popular with the residents. There are also plans to perhaps enlarge the café as it is so very popular with families, residents and staff. More seating will allow more engagement with residents, staff, and family (what residents want!)

    From our Executive Director who lives on-site 4 days a week, to our endearing and loyal staff to our enviable location, services and apartment styles our community “currency” is more than that “Shiny Penny”. We offer and ensure that your choice to make us your community is not only smart, but underscores our promise that “Here, you’re like family.”